Volcano Erebus Black Gaming Mouse Mat (Large)

Volcano Erebus Black is a pad for people who value aesthetics and minimalist but expressive design. The large, smooth black surface fits perfectly into any gaming station. Covering the edges of the pad with red material emphasizes its gaming purpose and increases its durability.
A fabric pad with a smooth surface that makes the mouse work even better.
The large format of the pad (900 x 420 x 3 mm) is not only comfortable, but also aesthetic. The pad can accommodate a keyboard and mouse.
The material it is made of is easy to keep clean.
The pad is sewn with red, durable thread. Sewing the edges of the pad increases its durability.
The use of high-quality materials during production ensures its durability.
A pad without graphics – the black color blends beautifully with any gaming station.


Dimensions (mm): 900 x 420 x 3 mm
Type: Fabric
Bottom of the pad: Anti-slip, rubber


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