Flexicon HN-4130 3-piece computer cleaning set

The product set includes:
Cleaning solution
As a 3-in-1 product, the TechMate HN-4130 cleaning kit includes a cleaning solution, a dusting brush and a duster that can be used for computer monitors, LCD TVs, keyboards and CDs. With a superior microfiber soft cloth, combined with a cleaning solution and a soft dusting brush, the TechMate HN-4130 cleaning kit will always bring a new look to your technology products.


Clean different surfaces

With TechMate HN-4130 3-in-1 cleaning kit, you can not only clean laptop or desktop screens but also clean CD/DVD discs and LCD screens of high-end TVs. The dusting brush also helps you to clean the dust on desktop keyboards, laptops and other surfaces safely and easily.

Special materials ensure safety

Dust wipes use microfiber man-made fibres consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide for good dust removal, water absorption, drying 3 times faster than normal fibres and are super durable. Microfiber is also particularly uncharged, so it is perfectly suitable for cleaning and sanitizing high-end electronic products in the home. The soft dusting brush also helps to clean dirt without scratching your sensitive screens.

Easy to use

To achieve the best cleaning effect, you must first turn off the power of the equipment and use the brush to sweep the places that need cleaning. Then, spray the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned and then use a special cleaning cloth to dry this solution. Then, continue wiping again with the dry cloth side of the mop. With the TechMate HN-4130 cleaning kit, your electronics will be as clean as new in the blink of an eye.

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