ROCCAT Tyon - All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse,


8200DPI PRO AIM (R3) LASER SENSOR for precision gaming at its best
X-CELERATOR THUMB PADDLE for unrivaled command capabilities
FIN SWITCH for rapid and instinctive control
ROCCAT® EASY-SHIFT[+]™ button duplicator technology
16.8M MULTI-COLOR ILLUMINATION customizable two-level light system
TRACKING & DISTANCE CONTROL UNIT less pick-up flight for precise gaming
14 MOUSE BUTTONS programmable + solid 2D Titan Wheel
32-BIT PROCESSOR + 576KB MEMORY for rapid macro storage and execution
ERGONOMIC natural form-fitting design

  • Pro-Aim Laser Sensor R3 with up to 8200dpi
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 1ms response time
  • 12000fps
  • 10.8megapixel
  • 30G acceleration
  • 3,8m/s (150ips)
  • 16-bit data channel
  • 1-5mm Lift off distance
  • Tracking & Distance Control Unit
  • 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
  • 576kB onboard memory
  • Zero angle snapping/prediction
  • 1.8m braided USB cable