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Light up your command centre and sit in all-conquering comfort for virtual missions, battles and assignments knowing that the stunning ZAPHYRE RGB Gaming Chair has got your back. With 300 colourful lighting modes on offer, you can create the perfect gaming mood to match the on-screen action – and control and configure them all using the handy remote. The ZAPHYRE won’t tie you to a mains outlet either as the powerful LEDs are operated via a powerbank that stows in the back of the chair. You’ll also reign in supreme comfort with its adjustable backrest – which lets you slip back into a fully horizontal position – full-range rocker mechanism and neck- and lumbar-support pillows.

Gaming chair with RGB illumination
300 illumination effects
Infinitely adjustable seat height
Adjustable backrest recline, including horizontal position (90 to 180°)
Full-range rocker mechanism with adjustable resistance
2 adjustable, removable neck- and lumbar-support pillows
Adjustable armrests
360° swivel design for the best view
Incl. power bank with 5000mAh (approx. 5h running time with maximum brightness and speed) and 4 status LEDs
Compartment for power bank on the back
Incl. remote for illumination control
Compartment for remote
5 × 60mm diameter dual-wheel castors
Nylon base
Material: PU leather
Maximum bodyweight: approx. 150kg
Armrest dimensions: 8 × 28.5 × 62-79cm (W × D × H), difference regardless of seat height: 7.5cm
Seat dimensions: 54 × 50 × 49-57cm (W × D × H)
Height backrest: 82cm
Overall dimensions: 76 × 59-135 × 127-136cm (W × D × H)
Dimensions remote: 8.7 × 4 × 0.7cm (W × D × H)
Weight: approx. 18.8kg
Packaging dimensions: 66 × 84 × 32cm (W × D × H)
Packaging weight: approx. 21.8kg
Assembly tool and coin battery for remote included