Mouse pad LC-Power RGB AiRazor USB


Experience AiRazor, the new high-end gaming product line from the house of LC-Power!
AiRazor offers you the latest technology paired with valuable materials that leave nothing to be desired!

Illuminated RGB mouse pad for a fast, precise detection of the
computer mouse activity
Suitable for computer mice with optical and laser sensors
Anti-slip rubber base design
Seven adjustable RGB colours and two colour modes:
red, blue, light blue, purple, yellow, green, white
Three-step brightness adjustment and on/off function
Detachable USB cable
Plug‘n‘Play via USB connector

Dimensions 352 x 260 x 6,5 mm
Weight retail 0,757 kg
Weight mouse pad 0,601 kg
Cable length 2 m
Voltage 5V DC
Electric current 150 mA max.
Required connection 1x USB port
Material plastic
Mark of conformity CE / FCC
Colour black