Logitech Z213 Multimedia Speakers


Full bass, compact design. The Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213 feature a down-firing subwoofer with 4-inch (10 cm) driver so you can enjoy a rich, deep bass experience that adds another dimension to your music, movies and games. Adjust the bass to your preference using the dedicated control knob and conveniently access power, volume and the headphone jack on the wired control pod. With its compact, inclined speaker design, the Z213 multimedia speaker system delivers excellent acoustics without sacrificing sound quality or valuable space on your desktop.

Rich, Full Bass
Feel full bass. A down-facing subwoofer with a 4-inch driver provides a rich bass experience with these 2.1 speakers.

Compact, Efficient Design
Don’t sacrifice valuable desk space for great sound. The inclined design of Z213 directs sound right to your ears.

Convenient Control Pod
Adjust the volume and power on and off with this 2.1 speaker system.

Adjustable Bass
Turn up the bass to your acoustic needs with a separate control knob at the back of the subwoofer.

Listen in Privacy
For privacy when you need it, a headphone jack is conveniently built into the control pod.

Add a Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Listen to music from your Bluetooth wireless devices—smartphone, tablet, PC—by adding Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter.