Hard Disks

D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320, 2x 3.5 "HDDs, RAID JBOD / 0/1, torrent client, FTP server


Travel photos and videos, favorite music ... all that we now remember from digital. Especially nice if you always have access to those files. With a network attached storage (NAS) as the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 which is possible without problems. To have their important files always at hand at home -. Whether on your laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or even consoles The D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 does not come with hard drives. You can request your hard disk ordered separately and thereby choose between fast or as particularly power-efficient, silent types - just as you need it. Need to replace a HDD or you must install additional models in the form factor 3.5 "use. Compatible3.5 "SATA hard drives of course we also offer. The D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 holds up to two hard drives. And the SATA1 SATA1 HDDs are connected to the NAS. Thanks to the built-in memory controller can be flexibly manage the space.

  • The hard drives of the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 can be organized using JBOD and all connected devices provide the full hard drive capacity available, whether Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

  • Using RAID 0 (striping), the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 to increase the operating speed. Then you are indeed only 50% of the space available, the performance boost gained is interesting just for HD streaming.

  • The optional RAID 1 (mirroring) provides specific protection for your data - 50% of the memory can be used freely, the other 50% provide for permanent backups. If a HDD D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 fails they still lose any data.

About the GB-LAN connection, the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 is easily and quickly connected to the network. The additional USB2.0 port simplifies the save files on the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 even further - close Just a PC or notebook and copy directly to go.computing power for the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 processor with a 0.80 GHz clock is responsible. The processor has one core and thus provides sufficient computing power for data transfer. In addition to the processor 128 MB of RAM provide the necessary performance.Thanks to the built-in torrent client to the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 also Torrent Downloads do when you are not home. and the built-in FTP server allows you professional data hosting. So you can also access your files when you are not at home. For this, the D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 only needs to be configured and connected to the Internet. Buy Now D-Link ShareCenter Pulse DNS-320 good or better in more favorable rates for NAS - Network Attached Storage discover.



  • 1x 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit port for high data throughput
  • 1x USB 2.0 port for memory expansion
  • Suitable for 3.5 "S-ATA hard drives *
  • Total storage capacity of up to 6 terabytes (up to 3 terabytes per drive)

Configuration and Management

  • Disk modes: Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1
  • Power Management for Hard Drives
  • Thermal fan control for hard disk drives with alarm notification and shutdown of the system in case of overheating
  • Benutzer-/Gruppenkonten with access control and quotas
  • Built-in FTP, iTunes and UPnP AV server (Universal Plug and Play)
  • BitTorrent ™ client
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS compatible

Backup Management

  • Backup software for manual, timed or continuous backup of data
  • Backup to a USB drive via a button
  • Apple Time Machine ™ support

Software included

  • Easy Search Utility for Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Backup Software

* Hard disk drives are not included.