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USB C Female to USB Male Adapter


Please note the restriction: This is a USB-C female to USB A male adapter designed for charging or data transfer. It does not support the transmission of a video signal.
When you connect this small dongle to an available standard USB port, your old devices (charger, power bank, computer) can become a USB-C enabled platform.
You can easily connect most USB-C peripherals (USB Type-C cable, USB Type-C memory stick, USB Type-C hub) that use the newer USB-C port.
This adapter provides data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps between connected devices and supports output up to 2 amps for charging your devices. Enjoy fast and safe charging.
Our dongle is made of an aluminium alloy and takes up very little space. It can be connected directly to the end of your USB-A hardware. So you no longer have to worry about carrying it around.

Client savings:
  • Manufacturer reference usb/c/female/usb/male
  • Color Gray
  • Item Weight 14 g